An extra mobile mobile private network

When thinking of mobile private networks, what springs to mind for you? Maybe it’s the wide variety of settings they can be used in, from holiday parks, to warehouses, to hospitals, to name just a few. Maybe it’s some of the technical benefits they bring: high levels of security; a more robust and stable connection; and on-site control for the customer. But do you think of a suitcase? Probably not. But we’ve taken a leaf out of Q’s book and created a mobile private network (MPN) in a suitcase.

The clever kit has two 4G phones (more phones can easily be added), a 4G femto cell and the core network itself. Simply turn it on and voila! An instant MPN which can cover hundreds of metres. We’re enjoying demonstrating the trusty MPN suitcase to customers and they’re finding the kit really brings to life what an MPN could do for their business.

Why use a mobile private network?

An MPN can combine the best of both worlds from Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. Of course, whether an MPN is right for your business depends on your particular circumstances. But some of their benefits include:

  • Reliability: You can enjoy uninterrupted quality of service and resilience, get gigabit speeds and support thousands of devices.
  • Security: You get carrier-grade, end-to-end encryption and localised data management, so it’s well suited for critical IT systems.
  • Simplicity: You get triple the range of a traditional Wi-Fi network and unrestricted device choice, along with industry standard infrastructure. It’s also easy to deploy, with less cabling and at a reasonable cost.

With the appropriate Ofcom license, our MPNs can work on any 4G or 5G spectrum. For example, in rural areas we’ve made use of a local access licence, which is where we share spectrum from a mobile network operator that they’re not using. In fact, alongside Vodafone, we were the first in the UK to do this.

More than just mobile phones

There are many other applications for MPNs as they are incredibly versatile. For events such as fairs or festivals, which are temporary and may be in areas with poor connectivity, an MPN could provide point of sale connectivity. With our suitcase, temporary mast and correct spectrum licence, all stall holders would be able to accept electronic payments with no hassle. And while some applications may choose SIM-based access, there are many other options, such as using a 4G/5G/Wi-Fi router, IoT, or a dongle.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about whether an MPN could be right for your business, or you’d like to have a demonstration of our nifty MPN suitcase, please get in touch on or +44 333 00 66 100.