Connecting Port of Tilbury workers and passengers

Delivering enhanced outdoor connectivity for a Virgin Media O2 customer.

Bringing pace and simplicity to challenging macro site work

The Port of Tilbury is the principal port of London, handling the importation of paper, cars and many other bulk cargoes. It also hosts the London International Cruise Terminal, one of the UK’s most historic passenger ports, dubbed “the quay to the capital”. In locations like this, connecting hundreds of thousands of people to their mobiles at once is commonplace. So when an outdoor site needs upgrading (to 5G like this one) or moving as part of the broader network plans, it must be done quickly and with no connectivity interference for customers.

Using property know-how for pace

In less than six months we completed the design and passive installation process, readying the 30 metre ground mast site for the 5G equipment upgrade VMO2 had planned.

3 weeks

Three weeks from nomination to agreed design

2 months

Two months to planning permission, using emergency route

3 months

Passive build work was underway within three months


Collaboration enables the right digital infrastructure at pace

Working closely with both VMO2 and the property owner was essential to the pace of the project. The direct nomination to Freshwave meant our property experts could support both parties throughout, and keep Cornerstone informed during key stages as well.

The project was so well handled that the Facilities Manager at The Port of Tilbury is interested in pursuing similar connectivity enhancement at other locations in the UK.

tilbury dock aerial shot

On particularly challenging sites, it’s great to be able to work with a trusted partner like Freshwave. Whether it’s an alternative site option, faster build process or flexible commercial approach – it all adds up to better coverage for our customers, faster and in the right places. And with increasing 5G demand, this is more important than ever.

I was so impressed with the professionalism and speed from the Freshwave team throughout this project. From start to completion, communication has been excellent and to have a fully operational mast in six months is outstanding.

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