Working as part of a consortium to deliver cutting-edge technology

A 5G mobile private network transports rail maintenance into the future.

Railway maintenance using augmented reality at St Pancras International

The 5G Integrated Railway Augmented Reality Digital Twin (ARDT) project at St Pancras International created a platform through which rail assets, rolling stock and station control systems are connected via a mobile private network (MPN) to improve efficiency, training and passenger experience.

A true collaboration between industry partners

Funded by Innovate UK and led by PAULEY, the project involved close collaboration between HS1, Network Rail High Speed, The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Athonet and Freshwave.


90% of executives expect that private 5G will become the standard network choice, according to Economist Impact research


40,000 passengers and staff use the lifts and escalators at St Pancras each day


83% of executives rated improved data privacy and security as a very important outcome they expect to achieve with the implementation of private 5G networks, according to Economist Impact research

Powering innovation with a 5G mobile private network

Freshwave provided the radio coverage plan, network build services, cloud core hardware and operations support in close partnership with Athonet who provided the network design, 5G core software and network equipment. The work demonstrated the unique capabilities of a 5G-enabled ARDT platform, applied both within a station and along several kilometres of track.

The MPN provides secure network on segregated spectrum with no interference from public networks or Wi-Fi. Coverage is tailored to reach the specific areas that are critical to railway operations. Physical SIM-based security makes it highly secure and inaccessible to unauthorised users.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at HS1. We are proud to have carried out this successful trial of technology which has the potential to improve people’s experiences of the railways. This trial clearly showcases how digital twins can help us achieve our ultimate goal of running a world-beating railway, reducing delays and improving our carbon footprint.

Boost railway innovations

With a robust infrastructure that delivers reliable connectivity that supports critical operations.

Products and services used in this solution for 5G mobile private network for St Pancras International

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