Ushering in a new era of indoor mobile connectivity

Omni Network

Having pioneered multi-operator indoor small cell connectivity almost a decade ago, we’re continuing our industry-leading work; in a world first, Freshwave’s Omni Network delivers all four UK mobile network operators (MNOs) – EE, Three, Virgin Media O2 and Vodafone – via small cells in one box.  

Thanks to our unique partnerships with them, we’ve long been the only mobile connectivity provider able to deliver all four MNOs via small cells. Omni Network is the evolution of this, upholding the original vision: to deliver multi-operator mobile connectivity indoors faster, for less and in the right places.  

What makes it so special? 

Enhanced customer experience: Omni Network gives customers more for less. 
  • Each access point can provide 25 per cent more coverage compared to a traditional small cell and 32 per cent more than a legacy, traditional distributed antenna system (DAS). 
  • It needs less cabling and is configured and controlled by our world-leading engineers via our central data centre, so it’s faster to design, deploy and activate.  
  • Depending on the building size it’s up to 65 per cent lower cost needing less equipment on customer ceilings and in their comms room (a maximum of four units in a rack).  
 Assured network security: 
  • Omni Network connects securely into all four of the MNOs’ networks, guaranteeing quality of service and exceptional security, unlike some other connectivity technologies which rely on outdoor signal. 
  • Like all our mobile services, it’s Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021 compliant. 
Improved environmental, social and governance performance:  
  • Omni network is more energy efficient, using up to 60 per cent less energy compared to an active DAS. 
  • And because it connects via agreed operator technical specifications, we, as the neutral host, can now give our customers additional network statistics and visibility of what’s happening on their dedicated mobile network. From traffic volume, number of users and calls to data upload and download, the value of Omni Network is clearer to see than any other in-building mobile system. 

All of this means indoor small cell mobile connectivity can be enjoyed in a wider range of venues than ever before. Omni Network is particularly suited to high spec environments such as premium office spaces, residential developments and innovation-supporting settings like hospitals and research campuses.  

Staying true to our long-held technology approach, Omni Network is a vendor agnostic solution. The current and all future versions will also be supported by Freshwave as a fully managed service. Meanwhile we’re delighted to be launching it with the help of network infrastructure vendor CommScope using ONECELL®. 

So from now on, make sure you ask your mobile connectivity provider: “Is it Omni?” 

Please contact us to enter a new era of indoor mobile connectivity via Omni Network.