No more dropped business

Buildings are often mobile signal dead zones. But they don’t have to be.

We ensure that everyone indoors has network. Whether it’s:

  • an estate or single building
  • a skyscraper or low rise
  • for public or private use
  • commercial or residential
Freshwave indoor network graphic Freshwave cityscape graphic
Freshwave for 4G networks
Freshwave for Small Cell networks
Freshwave for Picocell networks
Freshwave for Distributed Antenna Systems
Freshwave for 5G Ready Fibre networks

How it’s done matters. We use

Freshwave use combined real estate & telecoms know-how

Combined real estate & telecoms know-how

Freshwave use collaborative commercial models

Collaborative commercial models

Freshwave use global best practices

Global best practice

To help you connect your customers



Less Costly

For less

In the right places

In the right places