Locations where you need them

Network infrastructure isn’t always where it’s needed. But it could be.

Access sites where people live, work and play:

mast site locations
outdoor networks supported
connected buildings
Freshwave for 4G networks
Freshwave for 5G networks
Freshwave Masts
Freshwave for Small Cell networks
Freshwave for Picocell networks
Freshwave for Distributed Antenna Systems
Freshwave for Fibre networks
Freshwave Smart Poles

“Our new sharing approach aims to help more people access the airwaves they need to create local networks around the UK, including improving connections in rural areas. Vodafone and Freshwave are the first to take advantage of this. We look forward to seeing how others use our new spectrum access approach to support innovation and enable local communities to have better connections.” Read more

Philip Marnick
Group Director, Spectrum, Ofcom