Connecting Workspace’s flexible office portfolio

Customers in 20+ Workspace Group sites enjoy multi-operator mobile connectivity, while Freshwave markets their central London rooftop estate to all mobile network operators.

Long-standing indoor mobile connectivity services for a leading UK flexible office provider

Workspace Group is one of Freshwave’s longest standing enterprise customers. Since 2016, the flexible office provider has needed to ensure the highest possible levels of digital connectivity for their customers. We’ve conducted mobile coverage surveys for almost their entire estate (60+ buildings), and they compare this information with their customer survey data to decide which buildings need enhanced mobile connectivity. So far, 33% of the estate has needed dedicated indoor connectivity, with the demand for different mobile network operators varying from building to building.

Adaptable technical and commerical approach supports as-needed connectivity

The majority of the connected Workspace buildings are being supported by small cell network technology, which is perfect when customers only need connectivity from two or three mobile network operators.

Meanwhile, one large site required a distributed antenna system. With a commercial methodology that mirrors their approach: a monthly service fee for their existing estate, and an up-front fee on new buildings, we can also build technical flexibility into their service and be led by the building and customer-specific needs.


Multi-operator small cell networks connecting at least two mobile network operators


Thousands of customers connected


95% of their site portfolio surveyed so they can assess the need for dedicated indoor mobile connectivity

Expanding their digital connectivity estate to their rooftops

Over the years, we’ve developed a true partnership, led often by a shared interest in technical innovation.

We’re currently upgrading many buildings to 4G, and adding connectivity from alternative mobile network operators as the needs of customers change.

Workspace have also hosted multiple technology pilots for us over the years, from the latest small cell technology to cutting edge neutral host in-building design.

In early 2022, we also began marketing their central London rooftops to the mobile network operators as possible mast locations as city macro networks are densified and upgraded.

Meaning that the sky really is the limit of their digital connectivity estate!

Workspace Group has worked with Freshwave since 2016. We’ve formed a successful relationship in the design, deployment and management of our in-building mobile coverage implementations across our robust portfolio (around 60 properties in total and 20+ live sites). We differentiate ourselves by our technology offerings, so it’s critical that we have the highest quality, most reliable partners. The Freshwave team are friendly, knowledgeable and always there to assist. As a third party supplier, they’re a joy to work with.

We’re experts in helping businesses connect their customers.

We’ve connected 2000+ buildings in the UK, bringing assured connectivity from the mobile network operators your customers need.

Products and services used in this solution for Connecting Workspace’s flexible office portfolio

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Indoor Connectivity Outdoor Connectivity
Indoor small cells

Indoor small cells

An indoor small cell is a low power cellular coverage box that boosts mobile service for people in a carefully defined area inside. They’re similar in size and shape to a Wi-Fi access point.



Mobile masts or towers can be built on the ground as well as on rooftops (and can even be temporary). They’re very carefully located so that they provide the maximum possible coverage for the mobile network operator’s customers.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

A distributed antenna system (DAS) helps enhance mobile coverage in high footfall areas like stadiums, skyscrapers, shopping centres, arenas and transport hubs. They can be single or multi-operator.