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New technological approaches to assured connectivity unlock opportunities for mobile network operators and customers alike.

An industry first for indoor mobile connectivity

We collaborated with Virgin Media O2 as they became the first mobile network operator to make live calls using a new standard called the Joint Operator Technical Specifications (JOTS) Neutral Host In-Building (NHIB) specification.

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From tech spec to the real world

Delivering to an entirely new technical specification takes engineering excellence, patience and collaboration. We worked closely with Virgin Media O2 and vendors such as Commscope to successfully deploy this new approach from a customer site in Canary Wharf.


Virgin Media O2 was the first network to make live calls using this spec

70% +

According to the Small Cell Forum, by 2026 more than 70% of indoor small cells will be deployed by alternative deployers like Freshwave


All four UK mobile network operators have agreed to the JOTS NHIB spec

A world-leading industry approach

Having been at the forefront of the development of the neutral host approach in the UK, it’s only natural we were involved in the first live calls using the Neutral Host In-Building (NHIB) specification.

NHIB reduces the complexity around a neutral host providing indoor mobile coverage to businesses. It also helps make it more cost effective for enterprises through multi-operator equipment sharing. A great step forward for the indoor mobile connectivity industry!

Developing customer-led solutions is in our DNA, so I am proud of the role our team has played in leading the development of the neutral hosting concept and now bringing it to market together with our industry partners. It’s an exciting milestone for Virgin Media O2. We believe it will transform the way mobile coverage is delivered into offices and indoor public venues, and we look forward to all mobile customers seeing the crucial benefits of improved connectivity with a reduced impact to the environment.

We’re partnering with mobile network operators to design and deploy connectivity in the right places.

Products and services used in this solution will be useful for all sorts of enterprises and corporates

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Indoor small cells

Indoor small cells

An indoor small cell is a low power cellular coverage box that boosts mobile service for people in a carefully defined area inside. They’re similar in size and shape to a Wi-Fi access point.