Working as trusted partners to deliver mobile private network firsts in Scotland and beyond

Vodafone shared its 4G spectrum with Freshwave to help offer high-speed broadband in areas without 4G connectivity, as well as to promote efficient use of its spectrum.

Verdant Leisure holiday park guests and lodge owners enjoy assured connectivity

We developed an award-winning approach to help guests and owners at some of Verdant Leisure’s Scottish holiday parks enjoy improved wireless connectivity on a 4G mobile private network. Trees and Wi-Fi aren’t a good combination, so when Online Systems, our partner, gave us the task of solving this connectivity challenge, we were only too happy to put our engineering excellence to work.

Assured connectivity in challenging wireless environments

Our approach provides the ease of Wi-Fi access but without the capacity constraints. And with 4G needing less infrastructure to install thanks to its range, there’s less disruption for park users and less chance of encountering unmarked underground lines, such as water or gas.


7 parks across both Verdant Leisure and other holiday park operators already connected with our mobile private network


Over 10,000 owners and guests able to enjoy connectivity


We’ve won two industry awards for our approach

A 'fixed wireless access' mobile private network solution

Outdoor small cell technology brings broadband data speeds to each lodge in the park via a network of small cells and a mini antenna on each lodge. A SIM-based router inside then distributes the signal via Wi-Fi.

Not only do guests and owners enjoy robust and reliable connectivity, but operational services, such as sales, maintenance and housekeeping, are also able to use the network.

With our parks busier than ever due to the staycation boom, it’s great to be welcoming so many owners and guests. We’re pleased to be able to offer those staying at some parks this exciting new broadband connectivity and we’ve received great feedback on it from holidaymakers. People have been streaming, gaming, and working remotely, with no hitches to their connectivity. We’re looking forward to introducing it to other parks in the future.

Elevate the experience for your guests by having the connectivity they expect.

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Mobile Private Network (MPN)

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Outdoor small cells

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