Private networks and the office of the future

Three people enjoy private mobile network in a modern office. There is a woman standing while two other people sit either side of her with laptops.

In our digital age, the pulse of every thriving business beats to the rhythm of data, communication and connectivity. Offices have adapted a lot in the past few years, becoming places where collaboration and productivity intertwine, with technology playing a key part in this. But technology of course doesn’t stand still.  

Private networks are a hot topic in the enterprise space, with manufacturing, healthcare and logistics some of the industries most often cited as seeing the biggest benefits from them. But there are many other environments where private networks have an impact, one of which, you may be surprised to hear, can be the humble office. 

The foundation for the art of the possible 

While Wi-Fi and public mobile may meet the day-to-day needs of the vast majority of offices, for those looking to the future a private network provides the ideal advanced wireless foundation on which to build for years to come. With the number of connected devices only increasing and the Internet of Things (IoT) growing, connectivity is only going to become more important.  

When it comes to the IoT, the list of office-based applications is already long and keeps getting longer. Just a few examples include: 

  • Smart lighting and climate control: IoT-enabled sensors can adjust lighting and temperature based on occupancy and time of day. This not only saves energy but also provides a more comfortable and productive work environment. 
  • Occupancy tracking: IoT sensors can monitor workspace occupancy in real-time. This information can be used to optimise desk allocation, meeting room availability and cleaning schedules.  
  • Asset tracking: IoT can help track office assets like laptops, projectors, and furniture. This reduces the time spent searching for items and ensures better use of resources. 
  • Security and access control: IoT-enabled security systems can monitor entry points, manage access control, and send alerts in case of unauthorised access.
  • Automated services: IoT can enable automated services like smart vending machines, coffee makers and printers that are responsive to employee preferences and usage patterns. 
  • Employee wellbeing: As many offices look to make themselves more alluring to staff, IoT can be used to create personalised workspaces that adapt to individual preferences, enhancing employee satisfaction and wellbeing. 
  • Artificial intelligence and video analytics: using the power of a private network you can add applications such as video analytics on top of your CCTV with real time alerting to monitor things like PPE compliance, fire or hazard detection to name a few. 

Currently, businesses are often buying IoT solutions on a case-by-case basis and running them on Wi-Fi. This is not only a slightly scattergun approach, but it can also place stress on the Wi-Fi while it’s also being used for many other applications in the office, impacting the user experience. Private 4G or 5G provides one dedicated network for everything you may need it for and allows Wi-Fi to provide day-to-day service for everyone in the office. 

But the benefits of a private network in an office environment aren’t just limited to IoT applications of course. 

Customisation and control 

By adding private 4G or 5G, offices gain full control over their network infrastructure. This means they can customise the network settings according to their specific needs and preferences. Offices can prioritise bandwidth allocation for critical applications, control access to certain websites or services, and implement additional security measures as required. This level of control ensures that the network is optimised for the office’s unique requirements, resulting in a more efficient and effective work environment. 

Growing with your business 

As businesses grow and expand, their networking needs evolve as well. Private networks provide the scalability and flexibility required to accommodate the growing needs of any office. Businesses can effortlessly add or remove network devices, adjust bandwidth allocation and extend network coverage to different locations. This scalability allows offices to remain agile and adapt to changing circumstances without compromising on network performance. 

Private networks are a valuable asset for offices looking to enhance security, connectivity and productivity. They offer superior security measures, reliable connections, customisation options, scalability and improved collaboration capabilities. 

If you’d like to talk to us about how your office could deploy a private network, please contact us. And if you’d like to learn more about the spectrum available or 4G versus 5G check out this blog.