Noticed a sudden drop in mobile signal within your building?

In-building connectivity for 22 Bishopsgate
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Connecting the City of London’s tallest skyscraper

Smart buildings need the right network with the right commercial model.

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Connecting Workspace’s flexible office portfolio
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Indoor small cells Masts

Connecting Workspace’s flexible office portfolio

Customers in 20+ Workspace Group sites enjoy multi-operator mobile connectivity, while Freshwave markets their central London rooftop estate to all mobile network operators.

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Advancing indoor mobile connectivity
Neutral Host In-Building

Advancing indoor mobile connectivity through industry collaboration

New technological approaches to assured connectivity unlock opportunities for mobile network operators and customers alike.

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Enterprise connectivity matters

In 2019 CCS Insight surveyed 500 SME C-suite executives* on our behalf about the impact of poor mobile connectivity in their offices.

And post pandemic reliability on digital connectivity in workplaces has only increased. At the time, 97% said mobile connectivity was more important than the two years before and 87% said they expected it to be business critical by 2021.

*CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and other senior IT decision makers were surveyed. They represented businesses with 100 – 500 employees in the UK, where over half worked in offices.

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67% of organisations surveyed experience daily problems with mobile connectivity in the office


72% reported negative effects related to employees: wasted productivity, lower morale, complaints


70% reported lost sales revenue or direct costs other than wasted time

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