Boost property value

Wireless dead zones cause you problems, particularly lack of mobile signal. But they’re an opportunity too.

The right digital infrastructure will add value to your properties by:

  • Connecting all your customers indoors
  • Adding a new, long-term revenue source
  • Future proofing your digital service offerings
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telecoms masts
small cells
Freshwave for Picocell networks
Distributed Antenna Systems
Freshwave for 5G Ready Fibre networks

How it’s done matters. We use

Freshwave use combined real estate & telecoms know-how

Combined real estate & telecoms know-how

Freshwave use collaborative commercial models

Collaborative commercial models

Freshwave use global best practices

Global best practice

To help you connect your customers



Less Costly

For less

In the right places

In the right places

“Connectivity is an essential utility in any modern building and, having invested in one of the most eye-catching new developments in the City of London, it was essential to provide the same attention to detail when it came to ensuring mobile coverage.”

“This indoor mobile service provides the highest download speeds available on 4G while also providing an upgrade path to 5G – ensuring Angel Court occupiers will benefit from the best possible mobile connectivity today and tomorrow.” Read more

Nick Hiles
Asset Management Director, Stanhope